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There’s no question about it. I love teaching, and my students, from classrooms to boardrooms, enjoy my teaching style. I’ve developed teaching curricula for every media from print to digital including, teacher training, the first videocassette teaching programs for the U.S. Army, business case creation and instruction for BMW and ITT national sales seminars, and specialized seminars for Harbridge House. It won’t take me a week to create the seminar to teach everyone what they need to know to make it work.

The following comments were pulled from two "comment sheets" following a one-week seminar I had created and delivered for Harbridge House and delivered at the Hartford Graduate Center in Hartford, Ct. The attendees were all top management from largely industrial firms in the Connecticut River Valley. My job? Make them into marketers.

"Mr. McKinney is well organized and moved the week's theme very effectively. He listens to inputs and motivates class participation."

"Excellent presentation by Mr. McKinney. So lively and entertaining that the class is not immediately aware of how effectively he is getting across and hammering home his points. Classes are tightly organized and plans closely followed, within this framework of lively sessions. Personal experience and high motivation and interest of Mr. McKinney’s sort help his course have a strong impact on the group and get their involvement. Recommend retention of this course segment with little change."

"Relationship of material, day-to-day, was very good."

"This has been one of the best marketing "seminars'' I have attended. Mr. McKinney's enthusiasm and sense of humor kept interest at a high level throughout most of the week."

"Lawrence McKinney is an exciting instructor and made the class boom with inspiration."

"Handout workshop assignments on Monday and the end of the class period. Very enlightening and interesting week – Helped me understand the functions of marketing, market mix, etc."

"Very interesting presentation."

"Mr. McKinney puts the subject across well. He makes it interesting and keeps you on your toes."

"Constant review and "tying together" of all marketing aspects as they are discussed was excellent."

"Right type of instructor for this course. Enjoyed very much his approach. Thought he was excellent."

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