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     Namaste! Whether youíre from Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta or Nepal, we can talk about it because McKinney & Company is the only small business coaching and mentoring service in the Boston area whose principal has been living and promoting Indian business and culture for nearly forty years. From Desh Deshpande to Rahul Bajaj, from Arvind Parikh to Amar Bose, I've learned from the best. From Ghorka Ayurved in Kathmandu to Dabur India Pvt. Ltd. in Ghaziabad, and from Oberoi Farms to Kempís Corners, I have spent many good days in Bharat Mata.

        We produced the first Boston concerts for Imrat Khan, Hariprasad Charausia, Shiv Kumar Sharma, as well as early appearances by Zakir Hussain and Ali Akbar Khan. Iíve played classical sitar for many years, I can cook a curry to die for, I miss monsoons and I celebrate Diwali. You can read the columns I wrote for Asia Business Journal (click here to see them all) or a guest piece in Rising Nepal (Adobe Acrobat Reader required, click here for free download.)

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Sitarist Imrat Khan
with son Shafad

Education Minister Nikunja Tiwari in Nepal

With Pradip Burman
in Delhi.

At Nepal's Herbal Industry Headquarters

We met in 1981 and
HH the Dalai Lama
never forgets

        It surprises me that many South Asians try to enter business thinking the local deshi expat community will provide everything they need in terms of assistance, connection, and advice. WRONG. Weíve been graduating from Harvard since 1725, and I went to Harvard, Harvard Business School and even Harvard Divinity School. My family has been in business around here since 1857, and you canít buy that. Even better, Iím a real "Boston Brahmin", listed in the Boston Social Register, the most prestigious list of old families in the United States.

        If I canít help you directly with marketing materials and strategies, I can show you how, or I can make a couple of calls and find the right person. I can make essential introductions, teach you the business history of Boston, our culture, and our customs. More than anything else, I can coach you so that you present like a sophisticated Boston business manager and not a Bollywood hopeful dressed improperly, acting improperly, or naming the company "Incredible Powerful Super Whatever" rather than that simple, culturally appropriate and sophisticated name you needed. You have no second chance for a bad first impression.

        If an American tried to start or run a company in India or Pakistan without a local expert to help with a basic understanding of Indian culture, behavior, and business practices, relying only on American friends, you know what would happen. Itís just the same here.  By the project or with an inexpensive monthly retainer, McKinney & Company is the most cost-effective social and business insurance you can get. Get connected now.

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It's a Hiren-Roy, but my sitting posture is terrible

Hi-tech entrepreneur
Desh Deshpande

Harvard President
Lawrence Summers

Mother Teresa
in Delhi

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