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Books by Laurence McKinney

People of Note

Good natured humor, written to amuse, this book is nevertheless accurate enough in description and illustration to serve as a textbook for music appreciation courses in schools, colleges, and conservatories.  Certainly it is a book to have on the library table, a welcome, witty addition to the guest room, a pleasant companion to take to concerts, and an admirable gift for friends who play, punish, preach, or pooh-pooh music.  For more information about People of Note, click here.

In Garden Clubs & Spades, Laurence McKinney takes you to Flower Shows, Garden Clubs and out into the Garden.  In breezy and humorous verse and prose, he describes the cult of the amateur horticulturist.   For more information about Garden Clubs & Spades, click here.

In Lines of Least Resistance, Mr. McKinney describes a few of the endeavors of the human race which they work at when not working.  For more information, click here.
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