What with streamlined secretaries performing the work of busy executives in air-conditioned offices, and a push button or switch doing everything about the house, men and women must labor at other things in order to work up an honest sweat whereby to consume their canapés and cocktails.  so where we have them at these pastimes, alone, and together, on vacations or just simply eating.  Author Laurence McKinney is aided and abetted with accompanying sketches by Larry Reynolds.

An excerpt from Lines of Least Resistance

About the Author

Laurence McKinney was born in Albany, NY and educated at the Albany Academy and Harvard, where, he says, he collaborated in making the Harvard Lampoon "a national menace."  Leaving Cambridge, McKinney turned his back on verse -- for a time --and entered a local steel business, of which he was an executive.  Possibly to forget the rattle of riveting hammers, he began to write again, and his light, humorous verse appeared in every sort of national magazine from Child Life to the Atlantic Monthly, from the Rotarian to Town and Country, from the Saturday Evening Post to Fortune.  He was also the author of People of Note and Garden Clubs & Spades.

About the Artist

Larry Reynolds was born in Mt. Vernon, NY and educated at the Iona School and the Grand Central School of Art.  After studying at the Art School, he sold his first cartoon to Collier's in 1933.  Since then, in addition to Collier's, his work appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Life Magazine, Judge, The Elks Magazine, The New Yorker, and The New York Journal-American.  He was the originator of "Butch", a series that ran in Collier's.  Butch was a burglar who was encouraged in his life of crime by Gurney Williams, humor editor of that magazine.

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